Let’s say you are an overseas student who flies home regularly to visit family and friends in your home town. You always fly at vacation time or over the Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving weekends when the prices of air tickets is at their highest. At these prices you cannot keep flying like this.

Fortunately, there are such things as budget-friendly Student Airline Tickets. How do you find them? The easiest way is to do your own research by checking through the variety of online Student Airline Tickets agencies. Here you will find information on the type of fare you purchase, who is selling the ticket, as well as your destination place.

Student Universe is one of the more popular websites that provide such services. It is an online travel site for college students and faculty members. Students or teachers, who make their reservation by e-mail with an ".edu" e-mail address, are eligible to receive discounted Student Airline Tickets upon verification.

There are limited choices of arrival or departure dates that you can choose from, but the savings compensate for this.

Where you intend flying with a non-student friend, you should check the online travel agencies for companion fares. You may be lucky and find promotional prices for two or more persons traveling together. It is often a requirement that both you and your companion fly together on the same flight. If one person changes flight plans, that could mean higher fares for both travelers - even the passenger who adheres to the original itinerary. For more information, visit Zuji.com for attractive companion rates that will help to reduce your Student Airline Tickets prices.

There are also some sites, such as Hotwire, which will allow bidding on Student Airline Tickets. But there is a catch - you will not know the airline or flight times until you make the purchase. There are also sites who re-sell tickets they have bought in bulk from the airline. They are able to sell these Student Airline Tickets at a lower price than the market rate since bulk purchases are often less expensive.

Avoid peak hours of travel, such as early morning and late afternoon and you will probably find cheaper tickets. In addition, Student Airline Tickets will also be less expensive if your departure dates fall on the weekdays, such as Wednesday or Thursday. At any rate, try and avoid flying on weekends.

Take the time to check how the price is affected if you use a less-crowded and less expensive airport to fly into or out of. These airports may be a little further from the center of town, but the low airfare and savings you make on the flight will compensate the extra cost of getting a taxi. Some of these airports include Burbank and Orange County in Southern California; Manchester and New Hampshire in the Boston area.

Another money-saving trick is to avoid paper-ticket fees. If you have a choice between the two, pick an electronic ticket over a paper ticket. Unlike a paper ticket, e-tickets carry no extra processing and shipping fees. An electronic ticket will save you the hassle of carrying another important document and is definitely a great option for cheaper Student Airline Tickets.

As you can see, there are many ways to get cheap or discounted Student Airline Tickets, but you have to invest time looking for them. When you are traveling cheaper than the passenger in the seat next to you, you will really enjoy the fruits of your efforts.